Great Men’s Clothing Gifts Ideas

If you are looking for something a little more edgy and modern in mens dress clothing, you may want to take a look at mens urban suits. Urban suits for men, although they do come in traditional styles and muted colors, tend to have a more sophisticated cut, and urban mens suits are available in many non-traditional color choices as well.

You will find mens urban suits available in two primary fabric selections. Wool urban suits will give many years of great wear, and the fabric hangs nicely when draped on the human body. Poplin is the other fabric choice that you will see in many styles of urban mens suits, and this fabric is more lightweight and takes well to fabric dyes, and so you will find many of the brightly  레플리카 colored urban suits for men made from this versatile fabric.

You can find urban suits available in two- or three-piece styles. Two-piece mens suits come with a dress coat and dress pants, while the three-piece builds on the two-piece apparel, with the addition of a vest included. Adding a dress shirt, tie, socks and shoes rounds out the look. Pocket handkerchiefs are also a nice fashion accessory for the top pocket of the dress coat.

Another urban style that has come back into fashion are mens zoot suits. Popular from the late 1930s through the 1940s, mens zoot suits featured a a dress coat with notably wide padded shoulders and wide lapels, with the coat length much longer than an ordinary dress coat. The dress pants portion of mens zoot suits had pegged pants that tapered snugly at the ankle with a cuff. The pants also were cut full in the waist and thighs, and had a high waist. Felt fedora hats were often worn with the suits, as were pointed-toe dress shoes. During World War Two, the mens zoot suits were not to be worn as an aid to the war effort, but this helped to lead to an event known as the Zoot Suit Riots, where minorities who favored the suits were targeted by white sailors and fighting erupted.

Sometimes urban suits will focus on unique detailing that sets the suit apart from others. For example, there may be a contrasting ribbon trim along the coat lapels, pocket flaps and handkerchief pocket. Striped fabrics might be used for both coat and pants, or bright hues such as gold, white, red, navy or burgundy are also offered.

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